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Book Review : No Plan B By Lee and Andrew Child

The Jack Reacher books are and I'm not exaggerating, the reason this blog exists. I randomly picked up A Wanted Man back in 2013(Holy crap that was 10 years ago) as a holiday read and that was it. I spent the next year buying the other 16 or so books in charity shops ( I was a skint unemployed IT student back then) until I'd done the lot. I'd never done that before and haven't done it since. Jack Reacher got me back into reading.  Which is why I was a bit gutted when in 2020 Lee child had decided he'd had enough and wasn't going to write anymore. Bugger. Except it wasn't the end, like James Bond Jack reacher returned, with a big difference. Lee found himself a co writer, his younger brother and fellow author Andrew. The idea was that they'd write 3 or 4 together and then Andrew would fly solo. No plan B is the 3rd out of the 4, following the sentinel and better off dead. Plot. (copied from amazon partly from laziness and partly because I don't want t

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