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Book Review – Target by Simon Kernick

Book Review – Target by Simon Kernick  Who would have thought a few drinks with your best friend's ex could lead to such devastating consequences?   When wannabe writer Rob Fallon bumps into his best mates ex, Jenny Brakspear on a night out in London he has no idea what he’s getting himself into, after a few drinks they end up back at jenny’s flat, with rob feeling guilty before anything has even happened. Whilst Rob is in the bathroom two assailants kidnap Jenny .Unable to stay hidden rob makes a run for it, narrowly avoiding being killed… for now. Rob optimistically hopes the police can help.
 Tina Boyd is the on duty officer who listens to Fallon’s story and takes it upon herself to investigate. There is only one problem though –there isn’t one piece of evidence. When Boyd and fallon return to jenny’s apartment they discover that the doorman hasn’t seen anything and that Jenny’s flat is spotless even Rob’s jacket is gone. To put the final nail in the coffin it turns out that there…