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Q&A: Andy Martin

Something a little different, my first Authour Q&A with Andy Martin author of  Reacher Said Nothing :Lee Child And The Making Of Make Me. 
I haven't actually read this yet but Andy was kind enough to not only answer my questions but to send a signed copy of the book. Cheers Andy.

1. What is your favourite Jack Reacher book and why? My first reaction to this question is: the one that is right in front of me! I suppose I am always going to have a particularly soft spot for Make Me, since I watched it being written. But it just so happens that right now I am going back to the first one, Killing Floor, to refresh my memory about the prison scenes.
2. Where did the idea for Reacher Said Nothing come from? I had done some work on Sartre and Camus, each of whom comments on the work of the other. But from afar. And I thought, wouldn’t it have been so much better if they had actually checked it out at close quarters while they were writing, rather than afterwards. Then I thought, yeah, but …