Book Review : The Word Is Murder By Anthony Horowitz

Diana Cowper walks into a funeral directors to plan her own funeral..... 6 hours later she's been strangled to death.  The case is immediately passed to detective Daniel Hawethorne a man of almost sherlock holmes levels of eccentricity and genius .
Every good detective needs a good partner or sidekick and Hawthorne's sidekick is..... Anthony Horowitz himself , albeit a fictionalised version.  the two characters are hilariously mismatched but i think that's the reason it works so well.  Hawethorne is the genius detective and the fictionalised Horowitz is comically out of his depth.

Horowitz putting a fictionalised version of himself in his own book works rather well the idea being that the fictional Horowitz follows Hawthorne around while he tries to solve one of the most baffling murders i've ever read about.

I consider it a badge of honour that i can read crime novels and try to guess who the murderer was and getting it completely and utterly wrong, happily with the w…

Book Review : Hell To Pay By Rachel Amphlett

The Kay Hunter books are something of a rarity for me, a series i've been reading right from the start . The books only seem to get better with every installment
The first three books were  stand alone thrillers with a sub storyline about an investigation that went wrong when crucial evidence went missing. That story line has run alongside the main plot of the first three books but in hell to pay Amphlett brings it to centre stage . Cleverly tying it in with a grisly car accident at the begining ,when the team find something in the boot of the car that really shouldnt be there...... a body.
Kay's tormenter throughout the previos books is  a gangster , the menacingly named Jozeph Demiri. A nasty bastard who deals in everything from strip clubs and drugs to selling snuff movies on the dark web.
What follows is a near breathless game of cat and mouse between Hunter and Demiri culminating in a terrifying seaside showdown that really makes you question if Hunter will get out of this on…

Book Review : Sleeping In The Ground By Peter Robinson

Book Review : Sleeping In The Ground By Peter Robinson The 24th DCI Banks novel starts with a wedding and a funeral. Banks is attending the funeral of his first love , Emily leaving him in a bit of a sombre mood . Back in Eastvale meanwhile a beautiful local model called Laura Tindall is getting married ,then an assassin opens fire and the man banks and co think pulled the trigger is later found dead in his basement , having apparently committed suicide....... Naturally its not quite the slam dunk that banks and the team were hoping for as it seams that the dead suspect Martin Edgeworth may not have committed the atrocity at all , so the question that plagues Banks is if he didn’t do it who did? Elsewhere banks finds finally finds out why Emily dumped him after an old friend of theirs reveals all,wont but lets just say it rocks him a bit and makes him reconsider his whole life
So, whats the verdict then ? well Sleeping In The Ground starts well but it goes down hill after 150 pages or…

Reacher Ranking

Ranking: The Jack Reacher Books This post has been some time in the writing as it was going to be a ranking of all 22 Jack Reacher books but that proved to be way too difficult , so here’s a more reasonable top 5:

1: Bad Luck and trouble Bad Luck And Trouble sees Reacher reunited with his old army buddies to get revenge after one of their old unit was thrown out of a helicopter. From start to finish its classic Reacher, small wonder it’s the world’s second favourite Reacher book and is , apparently the next in line to be made for the big screen. Bring it on. 2.Worth Dying For Worth dying for follows 61 hours in a sort of series within the series with Reacher, trying to get back to his old military unit in Virginia to meet up with his successor Major Susan Turner. He does get there but not in worth dying for or the book after that. Worth dying for is a completely stand alone story apart from the Turner connection. Like all good Reacher books this one starts with Jack minding his own…

Book Review : One To Watch by Rachel Amphlett

Book review : One To Watch By  Rachel AmplhlettOne to watch is the third entry in the detective kay hunter series following on albeit indirectly from scared to death and will to live .
Sophie Whittaker shared a terrifying secret. Hours later, she was dead.
Detective Kay Hunter and her colleagues are shocked by the vicious murder of a teenage girl at a private party in the Kentish countryside.
A tangled web of dark secrets is exposed as twisted motives point to a history of greed and corruption within the tight-knit community.
Confronted by a growing number of suspects and her own enemies who are waging a vendetta against her, Kay makes a shocking discovery that will make her question her trust in everyone she knows.

This is the third book in the kay hunter series and it may well be the best yet. One to watch differs from the previous two books as the killer only strikes once. The poor victim being 18 year old Sophie Whittaker murdered at a purity party . Her murder opens up the proverbial…

Book Review : The Midnight Line by Lee Child

The Midnight Line is  the 22nd Reacher book following on indirectly from the sensationally good Make Me. In the Midnight Line Lee Child shows the world he's properly got his mojo back after a few hits and misses over the last few years. The Midnight Line is more like a  detective thriller than the previous book. It starts innocently enough   with Reacher finding a tiny little westpoint class ring in a pawn shop.  Reacher immediatley sees that it belongs to a woman and being a westpointer himself  , he knows what she went through to earn that ring and is  intrigued to know what caused her to give it up and determined to give it back to its rightful owner. Naturally enough it gets more complicated than that and Reacher ends up teaming up with the ring owners sister and private detective Terry Bramall who is the best Reacher ally in years . Between the three of them they find the rings owner Rose Sanderson an ex army vet badly and gruesomely injured by an IED in Afghanistan .  The bo…

Book Review : The Time To Kill by Mason Cross

Book review. The Time To Kill By Mason Cross.
The time to kill( titled Winterlong in some countries) is the third entry in the Carter Blake series. Following on from the killing season and the Samaritan. Both of which are brilliant. So , is this the difficult third album? No. Absoloutley fucking not.
It's been five years since Carter Blake parted ways with top-secret government operation Winterlong. They brokered a deal at the time: he'd keep quiet about what they were doing, and in return he'd be left alone.
But news that one of Blake's old allies, a man who agreed the same deal, is dead means only one thing - something has changed and Winterlong is coming for him.
Emma Faraday, newly appointed head of the secret unit, is determined to tie up loose ends. And Blake is a very loose end. He's been evading them for years, but finally they've picked up his trace. Blake may be the best there is at tracking down people who don't want to be found, but Wint…