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Book review : The Sentinel by Lee and Andrew Child


Book Review : The Sentinel By Lee And Andrew Child

Taking the mantle of one of the biggest brands in fiction can’t be easy, a bit like a contemporary author taking over the bond books. Some times it's a disaster, sometimes it works brilliantly. 

Happily however Andrew Grant (now Child) is a successful author in his own right with some fab detective series under his belt , and you no doubt already know , he’s Lee Child’s younger brother . They’ve co-written the 25th Reacher adventure together and will team up for a few more before Andrew flies solo.  

The Sentinel is the 25th Reacher adventure  and for those of you who cant be bothered to go on amazon the plot’s below

Jack Reacher gets off the bus in a sleepy no-name town outside Nashville, Tennessee. He plans to grab a cup of coffee and move right along.
Not going to happen.

The town has been shut down by a cyber attack. At the center of it all, whether
he likes it or not, is Rusty Rutherford. He's an average IT guy, but he knows more than he thinks.
As the bad guys move in on Rusty, Reacher moves in on them . . .
And now Rusty knows he's protected, he's never going to leave the big man's side.

That little synopsis really is the most I can tell you about the sentinel without spoiling it but if you were worried about the changing of the Reacher guard, don’t be.  This is classic Jack Reacher from start to finish. Reacher doesn’t take any shit in the sentinel, he’s calmed down a bit since Blue Moon , there’s only a handful of brutal murders . But he does hang a guy from a bar ceiling , a contender for the funniest Reacher moment ever.

The sentinel is everything a Jack Reacher adventure should be , it’s violent, it’s funny ,the villains are complete bastards and everything gets wrapped up nicely and leaves you eager to tear into the next one. Or in my case dig out the Killing Floor paperback and start from the beginning .  if you’re new to the world of Reacher then, welcome and enjoy catching up.

Verdict : Cracker

Also a big thank you to Transworld for the proof copy

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