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Book review :Persuader - Lee Child

Book review : Persuader By Lee Child.

Like a lot of people I stumbled across the Jack Reacher books by accident whilst browsing the book section in ASDA, the first one I bought was A Wanted Man, which I read on holiday  and I’ve been hooked ever since , reading one Reacher book every month or so  for two years.
 But the plus side to coming late to a series   is all the books were available to read one after another, which over the course of two years I have, in fact I only have one left (the enemy) which I’m saving for my holiday.
Persuader, is a powerful thriller, the 7th book in the series. After the surprise opening, Jack finds himself on a mission. His task is to go undercover in the castle like home of drug baron, Zachary Beck. 
To establish the whereabouts of a DEA agent  who was placed there but was found out and hasn’t been seen or heard since.
But it is not just the mission which is motivating Jack. It is almost as if a ghost from the past has reached out to him, with his one brief glimpse, of a man in Boston - Francis Xavier Quinn. 
A man whom Jack had been certain he had killed ten years ago. The events of this initial and extraordinary confrontation create a strong counter plot. Adding yet another layer of tension, intrigue and suspense enhancing the twists and turns, of an already pulsating main story line.

Throughout the novel, the characters remain clearly defined. The lingering romance ensuing between Jack, and DEA Agent, Susan Duffy, and his ongoing concern for her throughout the story, gives us yet another insight into the gritty, tough character of Jack. 
Creating another interesting layer of perception, which in no way interferes with the strength of the action. Lee snaps off his words like pistol shots, and Persuader takes off running, the pace holding right to the final nail biting pages. Edge of the seat, hold your breath suspense, combined with a confrontation with a killer, who is in every way as formidable as an enraged elephant, leads to the thrill laden climax and it is one that demands to be read in one sitting. 
With Persuader, there is no other way.
Devotees of Jack Reacher know what to expect: improbable victory against overwhelming odds. The pace is unrelenting, the violence is gruesome, formidable henchmen (including a guy who is bigger than Reacher), short sentences and a high body count (even by Reacher standards).

Good points:
Great plot where nothing is as simple as it seams.
Fantastically violent fight between Reacher and Paulie.
Hilarious one liners.

Bad point
Chapters too long.

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