Friday, 2 September 2016

Book Review : The Defence By Steve Cavanagh

 The Defence by Steve Cavanagh is a fast paced and tense legal thriller which follows burnt out lawyer and former con man Eddie Flynn as he tries to save his daughter's life. This may sound like a pretty standard action thriller storyline, or every Liam Neeson movie since the original Taken but there’s nothing wrong with those ‘one last job’ storylines if it’s done right . I’m pleased to report that The Defence is a ‘one last job’ storyline done right.

The Defence follows Eddie Flynn as he is forced back into the courtroom after vowing never to return after a disastrous case, and has spent the last 2 years drinking.

Flynn’s daughter has been held hostage by the Russian mafia, to ensure her safe return he, must defend Mafia boss, Volchek , who is guilty in every sense of the word . Throughout the book Flynn is reminded that his daughter’s death is only a phone call away. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that Flynn must do all is in the space of 48 hours whilst having a bomb strapped to his back.
This is probably as much as I can tell you about The Defence plot wise without spoiling it for you, But it should be enough to atleast get you on amazon to check it out. 

Flynn for me (along with Carter Blake) is the surprise of the year and I’m looking forward to seeing what he gets into next.

The defence is one of those books that you will have you staying up until Bastard’o clock reading to find out what happens next, if that doesn’t mark it out as a great thriller then I don’t know what else I can say to convince you that it is. Believe the rumours about this one folks, I'm glad i did .

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