Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Book Review : When The music's over By Peter Robinson

When the music's over is the 23rd Inspector Banks novel and it deals with a subject so timely and  controversial most authors wouldnt touch it with a bargepoll .sexual assult carried put by celebrities .
Newly promoted  Superintendent Alan Banks is given the unenviable task of investigating a historical rape. The accused is a  ficitonal but eerily true to life entertainer Danny Caxton, seemingly untouchable thanks to his charity work and friends in the police force . Banks however beleives and likes Caxton's accuser a poet named Linda Palmer. 

DS Annie Cabbott meanwhile has a case that is more recent but just as tricky when the body of a young girl Mimosa 'Mimsy' Moffatt has been bruised beaten and naked having apparently been thrown from a van. A group of local Pakistani's are immeadietly suspected and Annie and Geraldine Masterson  must tread carefully to avoid triggering a full on race war .

The book has a couple of nice surpises in store as it features Banks' mate and occasional colluege Dirty Dick Burgess brought in from what he terms "The British CIA" and he's as delightfully uncouth as ever , sadly though they only share about 3 scenes over the entire book . Ken Blackstone also reappears but like Burgess it's only for a few scenes which seems like a missed opportunity to me but the scenes they do appear in are a joy to read.

And that pretty much sums up When the Music's Over , there are a few little niggles here and there but it has  two very intriging storylines ,even if they are a tad uncomfortable to read at times .

But if you're a Banks fan then  i don't doubt you'll enjoy When The Music's over,It's not the best in the series but it's still a worthy addition .

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