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2016 roundup ; physical books

2016 roundup ; physical books
The final part of my 2016 roundup, yes, I’m aware that it’s now April. As with the kindle roundup I won’t list everything I read because we’d be here all day so I’ve just picked a few
The Recruit by Robert Muchamore
 A mate lent me this as well as all the other cherub books. The book follows newly orphaned trouble maker James choke as he goes to spy school and helps stop a terrorist plot.
Verdict: good

Echo Burning by Lee Child
The 5th Jack Reacher book and for my money it’s the best.
 The book follows Reacher wandering around in a Texas summer hoping to catch a lift when A woman stops, and offers a ride. Carmen Greer is young, rich and beautiful.

But her husband's in jail and When he comes out, he's going to kill her. I think if you’ve read Reacher books before you can see where this one is going….
Verdict: cracker

 Reacher Said Nothing by Andy Martin
A sort of behind the scenes look into how a Jack Reacher book is written. Andy Martin sits behind Lee Child as he writes one of the best Reacher books ever: Make me. It’s an interesting and at times very very funny read this. Andy martin is a natural storyteller and can make anything, even the position of a comma or the length of a sentence interesting.
I also must say a big thank you to Andy for sending me a signed hardback of the book.
Verdict : Good
The killing season by Mason Cross
The first book in the brilliant carter Blake series. I’ve already reviewed this so ill link that in here :
Verdict : cracker

Night School by Lee Child
The 21st jack Reacher book takes place in 1996 whilst Reacher is still in the army. Having just received yet another medal Reacher is packed off to a nondescript government building for a “course”. Most of the book is set in Hamburg in Germany and focuses on the origins of the terror threats that are all too familiar today .  I was reading this over the Christmas period when I was working nights at Tesco so unfortunately I didn’t enjoy night school as much as the other Reacher books ,but I’ll put that down to tiredness and stress.   I’ll read it again when I’m on holiday later in the year when hopefully I’m a bit more relaxed. I’ll write a full review when I’ve re read the book.
Verdict : I’m going to hold back on a verdict for now until ive re read the book.

Thunderball by Ian Fleming
Do I really need to go over the plot of thunderball ? we’ve all seen the film. And if you haven’t what the fuck have you been doing for 50 odd years?
 the book is surprisingly close to the movie , the only major difference I can remember is that in the book Felix Lieter has already been munched by a shark. My only criticism of the book is shared with my main criticism of the film; it’s the underwater scenes, they go on forever  and just don’t do it for me I’m afraid. The rest of it however is Bond and Fleming at their best
Verdict: cracker
 The burning room by Michael Connelly
 My first harry Bosch novel, I’m sorry to say it was something of a disappointment. my full review is here:
When the music’s over by peter Robinson
When the music's over is the 23rd Inspector Banks novel and it deals with a subject so timely and controversial most authors wouldn’t touch it with a barge poll. sexual assault carried out by celebrities. Now this isn’t the best banks novel. That accolade rests with (for me at least) Strange Affair. but this is a good if at times uncomfortable read.

Verdict : Good

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