Thursday, 4 May 2017

Book Title Q+A

A little while ago i was contacted by author Andrea Darby asking me to answer a few questions about book titles . I was included alongside two other bloogers : Sally from Cleopatra from Im reposting my answers here as i have no reviews to share right now. Thanks again to Andrea for asking me.
Is the title a significant factor when it comes to choosing a book?
Absolutely, but cover art comes first for me I think.
What do you look for in a novel title and what do you see as its function? 
It must be short and snappy; 5 words maximum. Apart from the cover art, the title helps you to form your first impressions of the book and, fairly or not, determines whether you buy it.
What novel titles have particularly impressed you?
 The James Bond novel that came out in 2015: Trigger Mortis, which is obviously a play on rigor mortis and an obscure Only Fools and Horses reference. I like one word titles too; simple, intriguing words like goldfinger, thunderball, scorpius, personal, tripwire etc. Paula hawkins new novel into the water intrigues me aswell
Any titles you’ve not liked?
50 Shades of Grey, sounds like a range of emulsion or something.
Has a book title ever put you off reading a book, or even turning it over to look at the back cover blurb?
No, I always look at the back cover or read a few pages. Even if the title’s awful it doesn’t mean I won’t buy the book.
Have you ever bought a book based on the title alone?
A Wanted Man By Lee Child. That book kicked off my love of the Reacher series and pretty much got me back into reading , so in a not insignificant way A Wanted Man is the reason this blog exists.
My novel is called The Husband Who Refused to Die. What are your thoughts on this as a title?
 It’s intriguing. Good title.
What genre would you assume it to be?
Psychological thriller.
 If you wrote a book about your reading life, what would you call it? 
 The Wanderer

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