Friday, 26 May 2017

In loving memory - Sir Roger Moore

In loving memory -  Sir Roger Moore

Its more than likely that the world will never agree on who the best James Bond is. But if you ask someone who their favourite bond is chances are you’ll get one name come up. Sir Roger Moore.
That's certainly true of me, as a90's kid Pierce Brosnan is 'my bond' and yet for some reason he just isn't my favourite, don’t get me wrong I love pierce as bond but I prefer Roger Moore. Why? Who knows, I think it’s the fact he quite famously didn’t take Bond too seriously and just embraced it. Even long after he'd left Bond behind. Unlike a certain Scotsman....
It’s for those reasons then and more besides that the news of his death on Tuesday was something of a hammer blow. Celebrity deaths normally just wash over me but Sir Roger's passing? That stings a bit. Which is funny when you consider I never met him as much as I would have loved to.
Now I've got to be honest here as with the other fellas I haven't seen much of Roger's non-bond films or TV shows. In fact, the only one I can think of is cannonball run in which he plays a ridiculous man named Seymour Goldfarb. JR. A man who thinks he's Roger Moore. It’s as ridiculous and brilliant as it sounds and if you haven't seen it I urge you to buy the Blu-ray.

As for my favourite Bond moment from the Moore era? That’s a hard one. Those films are shot through with iconic moments and brilliant one liners that only roger could pull off without looking or sounding like a tit.
There is one that stands out though. And I’ll give you a clue ... “can you swim?” yes, it’s the submarine lotus from the spy who loved me, my favourite film of all time, and I’m not just saying that for the purposes of this post. I mean it.
So How am I going to remember the big man then? The simple answer is I’m going to enjoy watching his bond films over and over again, as well as diving into his non-bond work, reading his books and when I can donate a couple of quid to UNICEF the charity he was an unpaid ambassador for decades.

I’m rambling here so I’ll sign off by saying. Rest in peace sir roger, you'll be missed forever but you will never be forgotten.
Nobody does it better.
Please donate what you can to UNICEF.

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