Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Book Review : The Midnight Line by Lee Child

The Midnight Line is  the 22nd Reacher book following on indirectly from the sensationally good Make Me. In the Midnight Line Lee Child shows the world he's properly got his mojo back after a few hits and misses over the last few years. The Midnight Line is more like a  detective thriller than the previous book.

It starts innocently enough   with Reacher finding a tiny little westpoint class ring in a pawn shop.  Reacher immediatley sees that it belongs to a woman and being a westpointer himself  , he knows what she went through to earn that ring and is  intrigued to know what caused her to give it up and determined to give it back to its rightful owner.

Naturally enough it gets more complicated than that and Reacher ends up teaming up with the ring owners sister and private detective Terry Bramall who is the best Reacher ally in years .

Between the three of them they find the rings owner Rose Sanderson an ex army vet badly and gruesomely injured by an IED in Afghanistan .  The book also touches on the issue of injured army vets who end up being drug addicts when they get discharged and the opiod crisis going on in the states at the moment .

The Midnight Line is one of the best Reacher books in years . Better than Night School but not quite as good or violent as Make Me . Lets hope this years book has a few more bar fights . Though in this one Reacher does a pretty straight re enactment of the bar fight in the first Reacher movie
Verdict : Good

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