Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Top 5 fictional characters

Top 5 fictional characters
Since I have no book reviews finished at the moment I thought I’d do a quick list of my top 5 fictional characters of all time
1.       Bond. James. Bond
The fact that Ian Fleming’s ever green gentleman bastard is my favourite fictional character ever will come as a surprise to precisely no one.  I can still remember watching Gold finger on TV.   As a kid with my late granddad . so there’s sentimental value there too.  The books are still ridiculously entertaining even 60 years on and the films have repeatedly pulled me out of some pretty dark places mentally. Sometimes I find my love of bond hard to explain but hey, a Blu Ray  Bond box set is more fun and  cheaper than therapy.
2.       Jack Reacher
Okay, this one won’t come as a surprise either, given that Lee Child is probably the author I review the most around these parts. Imagine if James bond was a hobo , that’s how I explain reacher to people and almost all of them give the books a try and end up loving them.  We’ll gloss over the movies because whilst they were very good Tom Cruise was too bloody short .
3.       M .
Another Bond character ends up in this list because of two words. Judi Dench. Need I say more? She stole the show as M right from the get go. I like to think that Dench’s M is the only person Bond was ever really scared of. No actor, and im taking precisely no arguments on this has ever played M better than Judi Dench and probably never will until they inevitably cast Olivia Colman in the role

4.       Detective Kay hunter
Another one that shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’ve been following this series since it started in 2016 and it just gets better and better with every book, which is rare for a series of this type, most of them have peaks and troughs but somehow Rachel Amphlett manages to avoid the troughs and just hit home run after home run. Why this hasn’t been snapped up for a Bosch style box set ive no idea.
5.        Thomas The Tank Engine
My childhood can be summed up in three characters , Bond ,Harry Potter and the worlds favourite steam engine . like Bond I can vividly remember watching Thomas for hours on end with my late granddad , he even gave me a  the entire railway series as a birthday present one year . I still have it and apart from an old Accurist watch its my most prized possesion.  I still love thomas to this day and dont mind admitting that is still watch it now and again. a few yearsa s ago i had a bash at a thomas short story , which i might revisit and publish on here.

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