Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Book Review - Worth Dying For By Lee Child

Lee Child - Worth Dying For    
"Worth Dying For" by Lee Child is the fifteenth novel about Jack Reacher, a former military cop, turned drifter, who has a habit of wandering into other people’s problems.
 If you aren't familiar with Jack Reacher think of him as an American version of James bond but without the gadgets, Aston Martin, weapons and logistical backup.
In typical Reacher style he manages to find trouble in the sleepiest of places (this time Nebraska) in a town ruled by fear of the Duncan Family.  They require all farms to use their trucking company and pay high rates. 
They have former football players on staff as thugs to bully the locals. They are waiting for a shipment of something illegal to arrive which they sell to a guy in Las Vegas. Twenty-five years ago the daughter of one of the locals disappeared. It was never solved. Spurred on by this Reacher with the help of Eleanor Duncan and the local doctor (who is almost permanently drunk) set about destroying the Duncan’s empire.  Without giving anything away, events at the barn had me a little freaked out.

Worth dying for follows on from the previous book 61 Hours so it is probably best to read that one first as this book (briefly) explains the cliffhanger ending that features in that book . 

  Overall though worth dying for is a fantastic book and my personal favourite of the Reacher books I’ve read so far.
Verdict: An absolute blinder of a book. An incredible series.
5 of 5 stars

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