Saturday, 15 October 2016

Top 5 : Movie Car Chases

Well since I dont have any book reviews to share with you at present i thought i'd list my top 5 Movie car chases.

You can't make a list of movie car chases without mentioning Bullitt can you?
2.The Naked Gun
The funniest car chase of all time ? I think so.
3.RUSH - Japanese Gran Prix
technically not a car  chase but it is an epic piece of film making.
4.Jack Reacher -  A delightfully old school car chase from a delightfully old school action movie .
Tom Cruise did all this without a stunt driver, since he pretty much is one .

5. Spectre
Don't know what i need to say about this one really ,Its Bond drifting an Aston Martin around Rome. What more could you want ?

Honourable mentions

Mission Impossible 2
Ok, this is a bike chase but it's still chock full of Tom Cruise badasserry
I chose this as an honourable mention because it's so fantasitcally unrealistic and also because like the movie it appears in  it's absoloutley shocking .
The Sweeney
Top Gear did this one and despite the twatting around in the episode the filming was shown in , the finished chase turned out to be pretty good. Shame about the rest of the movie

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