Monday, 2 January 2017

2016 Roundup : Audiobooks

First of all : Happy New Year .

I promised a round up of what i read in 2016, starting with Audiobooks.
I'm not doing this in any  particular order and i'll split the books into four catagouries: Poor,Average,Good , Cracker .

First up:

A Necessary End by Peter Robinson 

The third DCI Banks novel and I honestly think it's my least favourite , the storyline itself was okay but I felt it was slightly let down by average narration.

Verdict : Average . 

As You Do By Richard Hammond 

Richard Hammond narrates the second part of his autobiography As You Do , the sequel to the brilliant On The Edge , which remains the best autobiography i've ever read . This one isn't quite as good but it's still a good listen ,with wry, honest , interesting and sometimes VERY funny stories about his life and what goes on behind the scenes on Top Gear . 

Verdict: Good

The Man In The White Suit by Ben Collins
Yep. The Stig wrote a book. But Stiggy is only a small part of Ben's story and the book details his career from karting all the way to the 24 hour Le mans race via Top Gear and training for the SAS. Like Hammond's book it's honest , interesting and extremely funny .

Verdict : Good

In A Dry Season By Peter Robinson 

The book that Peter Robinson regards as his best work and i'm inclined to agree , the plot , the writing the narration are all just about perfect. 
Verdict: Cracker.

Goldfinger By Ian Fleming
If you don't know the plot of Goldfinger either the book or the movie (they're remarkably close) then where the bloody hell have you been?

Confession time: I've never read Goldfinger, i've seen the movie christ knows how many times but the book had eluded me , so when the audiobook came up on audible I decided to give it a whirl . It's narrated by Hugh Bonneville who does a brilliant job of bringiing all the characters to life and it made gym sessions much less tedious.

Verdict : Cracker

The House Of Silk By Anthony Horrowitz

My first Sherlock Holmes novel , narrated by the brilliant Sir Derek Jackobi  , like Hugh Bonneville with goldfinger he really brought the charcters and the storyline to life.

Verdict :Cracker

Octopussy And The Living Daylights And Other Stories by Ian Fleming

Tom Hiddleston and Lucy Fleming narrate this collection of Fleming's short stories . The stories themselves i would rate as good but the narration by Hiddleston and Fleming is second to none .

Verdict : Cracker

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