Monday, 23 January 2017

2016 roundup: kindle

Time for the Kindle part of my 2016 roundup

I won't list absolutely everything i read on kindle in 2016 as we'd be here all bloody day so I’ve picked a few.

1: Strip Jack by Ian Rankin
The fourth book in the Rebus series and my first, I’ve already reviewed it so I won't go into any detail about the plot. Rebus turns 30 this year so congratulations to Ian for that.

Verdict : Good

2: The Defence By Steve Cavanagh
Thriller that follows burnt out lawyer and ex con man Eddie Flynn as he tries to save his daughter form crazed kidnappers.

 Verdict; Good

The Killing Season by Mason Cross
The first in the Carter Blake series by Mason Cross features Blake and FBI agent Elaine Banner on a cross country man hunt to find a deranged serial killer .
You can find my review of the book here

Verdict: Cracker
3. Small Wars by Lee Child
A   Jack Reacher short story about a young lieutenant colonel shot in cold blood in the woods in Georgia. Small wars takes place back when Reacher was still in the army and features old favourites like Frances Neagley and Reacher's brother Joe .Who *spoiler alert* is the one who shot the young woman in the woods (she was selling secrets) . It's decent enough as a short story, it would have been too much of a stretch to turn this into a full length novel, even for a genius like Lee Child. But it's wrapped up nice and neatly and doesn’t leave anything overhanging.

Verdict: Good

4. Clarkson's Troubles: From Biplane to Spaceship
By Martin T Hart
Some of you may know that I'm a Clarkson defender and i know that he's not everyone's cup of tea. This is a very interesting chronological account of the ups and downs of Clarkson’s career. Well researched and very funny – and it’s filled with stuff I didn’t already know about him. It also includes the stunts he actually got away with - but probably shouldn’t and also the truth about his mood before punch-gate , which when you read about it , it makes the whole thing more understandable.
 Verdict : good

5. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

This one might be controversial but I absolutely HATED this. I have never enjoyed Shakespeare but I must admit that I enjoyed reading the whole thing slightly more than just extracts and I think it helped me understand the story a bit more. So basically I’ve gone from loathing Billy Bard to just hating him. Well, it's a start.
Verdict : Average

 6. Dance with the Enemy by Rob Sinclair

The first in the Carl Logan series (bonus points for the choice of first name).  Dance with the Enemy follows Logan as he goes on the hunt for one of the world's most wanted terrorists Youssef Selim the man that kidnapped, tortured and left him for dead.

Verdict: Cracker

My Interesting Emails to People
By Daniel Drummond Harvey
Yep. Someone managed to get their email inbox published as a book. I've seen it all now. To be fair though some of these emails are quite interesting and funny, the one he sent to President Flatulence is particularly worth reading. He didn’t get a reply though.

Strange Affair by Peter Robinson

   The 15th novel in the rather addictive DCI Banks series, I've already reviewed it so I’ll stick a link in below. The TV adaptation is also worth watching.

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