Tuesday, 7 February 2017

· Rapid Fire Book Tag

·      Rapid Fire Book Tag
Last year I did the reader confessions tag and because it went down so well I’ve been looking out for another tag to get stuck into. This one was created byGirlReading on YouTube so I’ll link in her video somewhere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-46EzDWdSY&feature=youtu.be
E-Book or Physical Book?
Both. But I have started reading a lot more e-books lately and the physical books have been getting a bit left behind. So I need to try and balance that out a bit.
Paperback Or Hardback?
Purely for convenience reasons it has to be paperbacks but I do buy the odd hardback, usually Jack Reacher books.
Online Or Instore shopping?
Mainly online but I do go to bookshops whenever I can
Trilogies or Series ?
Heroes Or Villains?
Depends on the book but usually heroes, having said that
I’m rereading The A series of unfortunate events books at the minute and I’m finding myself liking Count Olaf over the Orphans
A Book You Want Everyone to read ?
I bet everyone will say this but it has to be Harry Potter
An Underrated Book?
This may come as a surprise but I’m going to say The Jack Reacher books .Purely because they get written off as “Beach Reads “ or Guilty pleasures by literary snobs . I hate that.
Last book you finished?
As I was saying by Jeremy Clarkson, for the third time. What can I say?  His books are just so easy to read and make great last minute presents .
Last book you bought?
Standing In Another Man’s grave by Ian Rankin.
Weirdest thing you’ve used as a bookmark?
Pokémon cards
Used books. Yes or No?
Absolutely yes
Top 3 genre’s?
Crime, comedy, Autobiography
Borrow or buy?
Buy. That way I don’t have to worry about giving them back
Characters or plot?
Long or short books?
Depends on the mood but I try and choose books that fall between the two , so 450- 500 pages or so is enough for me .
Long or short chapters?
Preferably short .
Books that make you laugh or cry?
Laugh.   only one book has ever made me cry.
Our world or fictional worlds?
Hello! Have you seen what’s going on in the world at the moment? Definitely fictional worlds
Audiobooks. yes or no ?
Yes. Audiobooks are the dog’s bollocks. (For those of you who aren’t from Britain that means awesome)
Ever judge a book  by its cover?
Ooh yes. And I buy books because of the cover as well
Movie or TV adaptations?
Either, as long as its bears some resemblance to the  book that’s being adapted
Movie that you preferred to the book
Casino Royale
Series or Standalone's?
Series. I like to feel as if I’m getting to know a character over multiple books.

I tag
Everyone who’s reading this.

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