Thursday, 17 May 2018

Book Review : Sleeping In The Ground By Peter Robinson

Book Review : Sleeping In The Ground By Peter Robinson
 The 24th DCI Banks novel starts with  a wedding and a funeral. Banks is attending the funeral of his first love , Emily leaving him in a bit of a sombre mood . Back in Eastvale meanwhile a beautiful local model called Laura Tindall is getting married ,then an assassin opens fire and the man banks and co think pulled the trigger is later found dead in his basement , having apparently committed suicide.......
 Naturally its not quite the slam dunk that banks and the team were hoping for as it seams that the dead suspect Martin Edgeworth may not have committed the atrocity at all , so the question that plagues Banks is if he didn’t do it who did?
Elsewhere banks finds finally finds out why Emily dumped him after an old friend of theirs reveals all,  wont but lets just say it rocks him a bit and makes him reconsider his whole life

So, whats the verdict then ? well Sleeping In The Ground starts well but it goes down hill after 150 pages or so because , well? Not a lot happens really , its not boring it just bogs down a little . that said though the last 100 pages or so more than make up for it , the final act takes place in an almost monsoon like rainstorm with new recruit Gerry Masterson going after a gun wielding maniac all by herself with no back up. its masterfully written and easy to on screen.
All in sleeping in the ground is an enjoyable entry to the Banks series and is worth a read . and it serves as proof that after 24 Banks novels Peter Robinson is near the top of the crime writing game, which as a fellow Yorkshireman makes me very, very happy

Vedict : Good

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