Thursday, 26 July 2018

Book Review : Hell To Pay By Rachel Amphlett

The Kay Hunter books are something of a rarity for me, a series i've been reading right from the start . The books only seem to get better with every installment

The first three books were  stand alone thrillers with a sub storyline about an investigation that went wrong when crucial evidence went missing.
That story line has run alongside the main plot of the first three books but in hell to pay Amphlett brings it to centre stage . Cleverly tying it in with a grisly car accident at the begining ,when the team find something in the boot of the car that really shouldnt be there...... a body.

Kay's tormenter throughout the previos books is  a gangster , the menacingly named Jozeph Demiri. A nasty bastard who deals in everything from strip clubs and drugs to selling snuff movies on the dark web.

What follows is a near breathless game of cat and mouse between Hunter and Demiri culminating in a terrifying seaside showdown that really makes you question if Hunter will get out of this one alive.....

Hell To Pay is a cracker of a thriller and it does a nice job of tying up the storyline that’s been running through the previous book
 Kay Hunter is now right up there with my two favourite detectives, John Rebus and DCI Alan Banks . I wonder what would happen if those three found themselves having to work together.....

Hell to pay is one of my standout books that I’ve read this year so far  . The other one being the new James Bond novel. If that isn’t high praise I don’t know what is.


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