Thursday, 28 March 2019

Book Review : Resurrection Men By Ian Rankin

Book review : resurrection men  by Ian rankin

Resurrection men is the 13th book in the John Rebus series by ian rankin. But as is tradition with long running series I'm reading them completely at random.

After launching a mug of tea at a superior in the previous book rebus is sent back to school for ‘retraining’ or to put it another way, he's on his last chance.  Rebus is paired with three other veteran coppers and as part of the course they get given an old unsolved case to work on. Naturally one or all of them have secrets of their own.

Meanwhile DS Shibhoan Clarke is investigating the murder of a respected art dealer, this brings her into contact with rebus’ longtime enemy Big Ger Cafferty. Naturally rebus gets dragged into work on the case (albeit unofficially) and the scenes with him and Cafferty verbally sparring with each other are a joy to read.

Pace wise though it doesn't really pick up until the last few chapters where rebus finds himself in a situation where even he doesn't think hell get out alive, I'll say no more because I might end up spoiling it for you.

Overall Resurrection men probably isn't the best place to start for a Rebus newbie but longtime fans won't be disappointed.

No one does Scottish crime fiction quite like Ian Rankin, he's one of, if not the best in the business. Small wonder rebus has been with us for over 30 years now, he's just so bloody likeable.

Verdict : Very Good

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