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Book Review : Murder On The Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Book review - murder on the orient express by Agatha Christie
I’d like to start with a confession some of you may find rather surprising given that I mainly review crime fiction.

I’ve never read any Agatha Christie .which means I’m in a class of about 10 because everybody’s read Agatha Christie at some point, she was and is without question the most successful crime writer ever , infact she’s only outsold by the bible and  the person who ruined English lessons for everyone  , William Bloody Shakespeare .

 A few months back however i decided I needed to address this so I took the plunge and ordered what might be the most famous Christie novel ever. Murder on the orient express.
Here’s a basic run down of the plot , just in case you’re a Martian or something and you didn’t already know

The most elegant train of the 1930s, the Orient Express, is stopped by heavy snowfall, with many passengers. A murder is discovered.
This next bit contains spoilers

Poirot is faced with the fact that the victim, Mr Ratchett kidnapped a child int the 1930’s in the hope of being paid a large ransom in exchange for her safe return. This it turns out is the motive for Mrs Hubbard, the hysterical American woman who discovered Ratchett to commit murder , with the help of the other 12 passengers. Yep. They all did it , well, everyone except Poirot obviously.

Funnily enough I actually suspected that all the passengers on the train had a hand in ratchets murder , which means I managed to correctly guess the outcome of a crime novel. There’s a first time for everything.

All in I’m kicking myself for not reading Agatha Christie earlier. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed Murder on the orient express, especially given that it was written in 1934. I guess it goes to show that great literature never ages. My first Agatha Christie. But certainly not the last.

Question is . Which one next ?
I’ll throw that one out to you lot . Leave a comment below.
Verdict. Cracker

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