Thursday, 6 February 2020

Movie review: The Rhythm Section

 Movie review: The Rhythm Section It's notoriously hard to get a new action franchise off the ground these days, taken. November man and Jack Reacher have all either flopped, run out of ideas or switched to TV within the space of a movie or two.

 Launching a female led action franchise, despite the screeches of people on the Internet cesspit that is twitter is so difficult that most producers sadly don't even bother.
 So the question is can Blake Lively playing Mark Burnell's Stephanie Patrick succeed where Tom Cruise, Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson all failed? The early signs are good. The Rhythm Section is produced by Barbara Broccoli, yes that one. And is directed by Reed Morano.
 But don't be fooled by the Bond connection, the rhythm section is unashamedly its own thing.
Yes some of the locations have popped up in Bond films. London, Tangier, Scotland, France and err Surrey
 I'm not going to give away any spoilers here , go see the movie. But the gist is that Stephanie Patrick loses her family in the worst way imaginable, a “plane crash” over the Atlantic .
Three years later while working as a prostitute in London she's visited by a journalist who has evidence which points to the fact that it wasn't a plane crash at all, it was terrorism and the cell who carried out the attack is still out there.
 That news pulls Patrick out of her slump and she vows to kill every single person responsible. After a few months training in Scotland with Jude Law’s ex mi6 agent known initially as “B” , a likable Bond type character who reluctantly takes Stephanie under his wing and teaches her hand to hand combat,driving ,shooting and even makes her swim across a freezing cold loch .
He tries to convince Patrick that vengeance isn't all its cracked up to be “ even if you do succeed it won't be worth it” Taking on the alias of Petra, a dead female assassin, murdered by Jude Law’s character whose body was conveniently never found.
Patrick slowly grows from a scared drug addicted ex prostitute into a someone with the makings of a cold blooded assassin.

The Rhythm Section is not a perfect movie but Reed Morano and Blake lively have laid the foundations of a possible franchise here and it seems like MR Bond has a worthy stablemate in Stephanie Patrick and i take my hat off to Barbara Broccoli for taking a chance and making it . Verdict : Very Good

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