Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Book Review: Bridge To Burn by Rachel Amphlett

Book review: bridge to burn by Rachel amphlett
 The Kay Hunter series is something of a must for me, every time a new one comes out everything else gets put on hold whilst I blow through it in a few days and the seventh entry in the series, bridge to burn is no exception.
In bridge to  burn Kay and the team are faced with their most unusual case yet When a mummified body falls through the ceiling of a recently redeveloped office building , the main question being , how in the name of bloody hell did it get up  there?

As always nothing Is ever quite as it seems, as the investigation progresses the criminal underbelly of the construction industry rears its ugly head with dodgy working practices, theft , blackmail all come into play and the list of suspects is varied, unpredictable and gets longer as the book goes on.   

Away from mummified bodies falling through ceilings Kay’s personal life also takes a turn for the worse when she’s thrown into  a hospital room with her mother , who openly despises her daughter’s career choice and the danger it puts her in. but in bridge to burn its nice to see the ice melt a little.

Bridge to burn is unique in the series because it focuses on just one death and it soon becomes clear that it may not have been a murder at all , was it an accident,? a robbery gone wrong? This is the tangent the book goes off in towards the end and the conclusion to the story is ….. shocking, positively shocking.
Bridge to burn is another home run from Rachel Amphlett ,im starting to wonder what her secret is but I suppose if writing crime novels was easy we’d all be doing it…..

Verdict cracker

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