Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Q+A with............... ME

OK, Carl – game on! Here are your questions!

What have you been up to during lockdown?

Trying to catch up on the huge pile of unwatched dvd’s and unread books I’ve got lying around the place but I keep buying more so it’s a losing battle. I’m  in the middle of doing a roundup of everything I’ve watched and read over the last 9 ( is it  week 9 now?) weeks so that’s coming soon . I’ve got  a couple of book reviews to finish off and I’m also going to be reviewing some more movies since they seem to go down quite well.

You’re a huge fan of James Bond, so which Bond actor is your favourite and why?

 I absolutely love all the Bond’s but…. It’s Pierce , I just love the how he can go from being charming and sophisticated to being a cold hearted assassin . So he’s slap bang in the middle between Moore and Connery. Probabaly best to pretend Die Another Day never happened.
There’s a graph somewhere online that charts every Bond’s kill count and Pierce came out on top ,  If you look at him that way he’s the best Bond we’ve ever had so I’d like the next fella to be more like Pierce than Daniel Craig.

And favourite Bond film to date?

Goldeneye. Everything just seemed to fall perfectly into place with that film. From the direction , to the cast to the stunts . its one of the few that can’t be faulted

If you could, which Bond car would you buy?  I wouldn’t say no to any of them apart from the 2CV but Purely because of the noise it makes, the DBS from Quantum Of Solace

Where did your fascination of collecting watches come from, and which one in your collection has the most fascinating history?

I like mechanical stuff and I like taking them apart to fit new batteries and straps , which incidently is pretty much the only skill I’ve acquired during lockdown.

My Grandad has a gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual which I fell in love with at an early age . So that’s probably where it comes from.  I buy and sell a lot of watches so I tend to forget what I’ve owned but old seiko’s are good fun.
As to which one has the best history, probably my Casio F91-W digital, everybody’s had one of those.  I’ve got a Tissot Courtourier but that’s away at the moment, it was sent off for a new battery the day before the lockdown DOH! . My favourites probably an old Accurist I bought when I was 14. I’ve got one of the limited editon 007 swatch watches on order as well ,they’re going for silly money but I found one for a good price.

Can you share a photo of your dog, so everyone can see how cute Pip is?


Where can we find you?

(e.g. blog, social media)



From the books you've read to date in 2020, what are your top five recommendations? (And they don't have to include mine!!)

Die Alone by Simon Kernick

Only Fools And Stories By David Jason

On Her Majestys Secret Service by Ian Fleming

The Wrong side of goodbye by Michael Connelly

False Witness By Andrew Grant

How Not To Be A Professional Racing Driver by Jason Plato. ( worth buying for the JCB story alone)

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